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Intermodal rail and sea transports between Sicily and the main logistics italian hubs

DN Logistica - Intermodal goods transport and integrated logistics

D.N. Logistica is a company dealing in intermodal goods transport, road transport and integrated logistics. It’s head office is in Sicily and it has been working for over half a century all over the national territory.

Today D.N. Logistica is the only Sicilian company holding a modern private railway logistic hub near the railway goods yard of Catania-Bicocca. It also has big warehouses dedicated to the handling of goods arriving in the terminal. This is a great innovation for logistics sector in Sicily thanks to the considerable advantage in time and cost for customers.

Over the last few years the market context has deeply changed and D.N. Logistica presents itself not as a simple carrier but as a partner company for intermodal goods transport running collection, warehousing and delivery services all over the country.

D.N. Logistica operates in the following activity areas:

  • road and intermodal goods transports: a modern fleet of vehicles coordinated by the operations centre which is able to serve the whole country by combining the use of lorries, trains and ships to guarantee speed and flexibility in goods delivery. It also allows customers to save money complying with regulations and keeping to the schedule;
  • warehouses: warehouses for storage and safe preservation of goods and for small distribution to final customer;
  • strategic partnership in integrated management of logistic chain: expertise, professionalism and experience at customer service in order to pursue common growth objectives.

Our strengths:

  • professionalism of all our administrative and operational staff;
  • efficiency in time and in goods transport procedures;
  • security to guarantee our customer goods.
  • certifications: d.lgs 231/2011 and ethic rules

Our numbers

  • Fleet of veihicles
  • Warehouses
  • Private railway terminal
60 tractors Scania
15 tail lift trucks
600 semitrailers
200 boxes and containers

depositi e servizi logistici Sicilia

A 40.000 square metres service area
Covered warehouses of more than 14.000 mq
Second  15.000 mq service area near our main office


Dedicated railway truck directly inside our warehouse
30.000 mq warehouse in railway terminal

Why choose us

Our company has a Sicilian heart and swiss mentality . Ensuring compliance with the time of loading and unloading of goods is the best visit card to our customers as well as a way to maintain standards of quality and efficiency needed to remain competitive. Our aim is to deliver goods as soon as possible but in compliance with safety standards for our drivers.

Fuel costs and taxes has a dramatic impact on company’s value chain and handling goods. In order to react to this problem we have organized our service focusing on full loads and transportation of large goods  quantities  both on tires and intermodal mode.

We are aware that our long experience is not enough to assure our customers. For this reason we often organize driving tests and administrative formalities courses and we equip our vehicles with satellite tracking systems.

Our mission

to help customer to concentrate on his own business

by offering complete solutions for the management of the whole goods logistic chain.