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More than 60 drivers are coordinated by a team of logistics experts from our headquarters in Catania. They work together to organize travels, time and logistic operations and to ensure a professional goods transport service according to customer needs. Our office supports operational activity by making all necessary controls and checks to monitor the service offered to customer in order to pursue efficiency through continuous improvement of processes and implementation of the best practices of the sector.

All our drivers are direct employees. They have a continuous connection with our operations centre by means of geo-location software. At any time we can send informative messages to drivers and know the location of our vehicles.

Integrated and flexible service

D.N. Logistica controls every phase of the logistic chain and offers a complete service to customer, from goods collection from the site indicated by the customer to delivery to consignee.

D.N. Logistica guarantees professionalism in the management of booking and trucking operations on behalf of customer, flexibility in the intermodal transport of full loads and groupage, security in keeping goods inside our warehouses.