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Eco Friendly

We believe that Earth is not the inheritance from our parents, but we borrowed it from our children. Our principal objective is to ensure respect to the world we live in.

For this reason we prefer motorways of the sea to terrestrial ones and we invested in rail transport by constructing a modern private terminal (the first one in Sicily), in order to reduce pollutants.

The basis of our success  is the ability to limit the environmental impact of our transports and it also allows us to combine punctuality, economy and security with love and respect for the environment.

Puntuality and Economy

Our company has a Sicilian character and a Swiss mentality. The best business card for our customers is to guarantee respect for loading and unloading time so we can keep high quality and efficiency standards which are necessary to be competitive on the market. When we plan travels our objective is to deliver goods as fast we can and complying with safety regulations for our drivers.

In order to face the difficulties of the economic context we organized our service relying on full loads and on transport of large volume goods both on road and especially on intermodal system, preferring the latter every time it is possible. So we can assure a primary transport cost significantly lower than our competitors.


We know that over 50 years of experience are not enough to reassure our customers. For this reason we constantly invest in training our staff as regards regulations about goods movement and storage and also administrative duties to carry out during transport and warehousing phase. Moreover our vehicles are equipped with location satellite systems and our warehouses are watched 24/7 by an authorized security company which has its office inside our headquarters.

Our values


Attention to customers

We focalize our attention on customer’s requests and needs. Dn Logistica is a customer centric company.



Always be ready having a  proactive approach and resolve problems, finding the most appropriate solutions.


Skills and training

Our team has skills and deep knowledge about transport problems and customers needs.



We honour and respect commitments with our customers.