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D.N. Logistica is glad to announce to customers the new private railway terminal in the industrial area of Catania near the goods yard of Bicocca: we are the first in Sicily to have made such an investment to meet customers’ needs of speed and maximum flexibility.

Thanks to this big logistic infrastructure we can manage the incoming goods with great flexibility and without the waiting time of the public goods yard; the railway track arrives directly inside our warehouse so the loading and unloading operations time is now halved.

The benefit of our terminal:

  • No more wait in the public railway terminal and unloading time reduced by over 50%: we can unload up to 2 trains per day that is 2000 pallets in total;
  • Flexible shifts organized according to customer need and in any weather condition;
  •  A 30.000 square meters covered structure equipped for the 50% of new generation DRIVE IN shelves, with maximum use of the space available both in plan and in height.