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Road goods transport is subject to different restrictions that make it uneconomic especially in medium and long distances: traffic and weather conditions, tollgates, theft risk, driving time and rest periods regulations. An organized intermodal transport service resolves these inefficiencies with its advantages. An intermodal carrier can:

  • Use vehicles in combination with trains and ships which have a high load capacity;
  • Transport goods from place of production to nearest logistic centres where they are loaded either on goods wagons or on special containers on trains or onto ships. In this way we save on costs and we have a limited environmental impact and greater certainty about delivery time;
  • Limit load crash that could damage goods.

The ways of intermodality: road-sea and road-rail

We have daily connections from our headquarters in Catania towards the most important Italian logistic terminals.

Daily connections with ports of Ravenna, Livorno, Napoli and Salerno are planned thanks to preferential agreements with the most important national shipping companies that allow us to send goods in the safest and cheapest way.

Benefit for customers is obvious: road-sea combined intermodal transport allows to avoid the motorway Salerno-Reggio Calabria, which is an arterial road at risk for queues and accidents. So it guarantees to save money and the certainty of loading and unloading time.

Innovation – Rail intermodal transport inside our private terminal

D.N. Logistica also offers a road-rail combined intermodal transport and it daily plans the transport of goods between Italian goods yards and its new private terminal which is nearby the railway station of Catania-Bicocca. D.N. Logistica manages the administrative formalities and every other aspect of logistics function on behalf of customer ensuring definite time and reduced costs.