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During the years D.N. Logistica built up a considerable fleet of vehicles varied for dimension, load capacity and functionality in order to offer an advanced road and intermodal transport service. In fact customers express different needs in relation to the nature of their business, to the production capacity and to the geographical market they serve. All new vehicles comply with euro 4 and euro 5 regulations for reducing pollutants.

  • 60 tractors Scania less than three years old, constantly overhauled in our garage and equipped with the most modern electronic device for drivers and customers security. We trusted in the  world leading company Scania, for the quality of its products and for the 24/7 customer service which protects our vehicles and your goods;
  • 15 tail lift trucks;
  • 600 semitrailers adaptable to different load conditions; a higher number than tractors to guarantee flexibility and optimization of loading and unloading time;
  • 420 boxes and containers for road-rail intermodal transport;
  • 5 small size motor vehicles.