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We are able to offer a complete door-to-door service to our customers thanks to the network of warehouses and support branch offices all over the country.

  1. Goods are collected by truck drivers of D.N. Logistica at production or manufacture plant and they are loaded on vehicles.
  2. We plan road or intermodal transport depending on the type of product and on delivery time. In case of intermodal system goods are transported to rail or port logistics centres and they are loaded on trains or ships and sent to the intermediate or final destination.
  3. When goods arrive at the ports or railway yards in Sicily they are transferred again to our vehicles and they are delivered to the final destination or stored in our warehouses in Catania.

Customers do not have to worry about trucking activities and all administrative and technical formalities: the staff of D.N. Logistica will look after their goods and will manage all the phases of transport.