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Offering logistics services and structures is a necessary strategic choice for D.N. Logistica.

In fact the objective is to manage all the phases of the goods handling and storage process overcoming the old idea of road and intermodal transport company and preferring the new idea of partner in integrated logistics. All this is possible by combining the experience achieved in intermodality, the availability of modern structures for the warehousing of different types of goods and the advanced logistics and management competence achieved during the years.

The numbers of our headquarters in Catania

Our roots are deeply tied up with the city of Catania and its territory. Our head office is situated in the industrial area of Catania, less than a kilometre far from the goods yard of Bicocca and from the main regional traffic routes.


  • The structure is guarded 24/7 and it is made up of:
  • A 40.000 square metres service area for parking and garaging motor vehicles, equipped with fuel pump;
  • Covered warehouses for a total area of 40.000 square metres, equipped for the 50% of new generation “drive in” shelves for which we have latest generation fork lift trucks and automated systems for the execution of goods handling and storage activities;
  • Garage for repair, regular checking and motor vehicles washing;
  • Building for administrative offices and operational centre;
  • New private railway terminal with private access (click here for more details).


Surveillance 24h7

The office of the “Istituto di Vigilanza Extraurbana” is inside our headquarters. Therefore surveillance is constantly ensured by armed security guards who watch all our offices and guarantee the safety of our staff and of the stored goods. Moreover all our warehouses are constantly controlled by video surveillance.

Therefore we can guarantee that the goods you entrust to us are safe from any unexpected event that could compromise their marketability.