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We offer goods storage services with principal warehouses located in Catania for our customers who work in food and no food sector. In these cases goods are transported to our warehouses where they are kept and stored to be subsequently delivered in smaller lots within the required time, following customer’s administrative procedures and assuring product and packing quality.

The outsourcing of the logistics function and the availability of our warehouses in Catania allow customers to get economic and organizational benefit:

  • Fast delivery time because the distance between the warehouse and the delivery place is shorter;
  • Reduction of costs and fixed assets for construction and management of one’s warehouses by delegating this function to an expert operator like D.N. Logistica;
  • Simplification of the organizational structure and concentration on one’s core business;
  • Safe warehousing of goods thanks to authorized security companies who watch our buildings.

Contact us for further information, quotations and proposals of trade agreement for the transport and the storage of your goods.